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Lisande Donohoe, Owner



AKC Registered Name:_____________________________________________________________Sex:___ 

Sale Price:  $___________________  Deposit  $__________________




Condition of Sale: (circle one)   Show prospect   Pet quality

Terms of Sale:

Arwen puppies/dogs (unless otherwise specified above) are sold with a one year guarantee concerning any congenital defects. Any puppy/dog with a defect must be returned within 7 days of a veterinarian finding the disorder along with a written diagnosis. A replacment puppy of equal or greater value will be given as soon as one is available.

Show Prospect: All SHOW Prospect puppies will be co-owned by Arwen whippets unless otherwise agreed.

The buyer does agree to a "Good Faith" agreement that the said puppy will be shown by buyer/agent until an AKC Conformation championship is acquired. Buyer to bear all expenses.

All Show Prospect puppies/dogs are guaranteed to be free of disqualifying faults as definied by the AKC standard. Replacment agreement (above) applies.

Co-ownership: Breeder must be agreeable to any and all breedings of said dog/bitch and reserves the right to stud of said dog. Said Dog/Bitch is buyers responsibility in all other aspects of ownership.

Pet Quality: Puppies are sold with a Limited Registeration and must be spayed/nutered before 1 year of age. There are no exceptions. Failure to comply with this spay/nuter agreement will be considered a contract violation.

Seller guarantees the health of this puppy/dog as of the date of this agreement (all shots current and puppy/dog free of parasites). Health certificate exam (if required) and shipping charges are in addition to the purchase price.

Arwen Whippets will determine the Registered name of said puppy unless otherwise agreed.

Buyer does hereby acknowledge his/her responsibility to provide optimum care (food, shelter, health, emotional, training) to above mentioned puppy/dog. If, at any time, it is determined (by Arwen Whippets) that proper care is not being given, or that this contract has been violated, the Buyer hereby agrees to relinquish all rights to said dog to Arwen Whippets or their representative

Buyer does also agree and acknowledge that they understand this committment is for the life of said dog.

Should the buyer at any time, for whatever reason, (ecnomic, health or otherwise) be unable to care for this animal Arwen Whippets shall be notified immediately.

Above mentioned dog cannot be sold or given away to anyone without seller's knowledge and approval.

Buyer Name  :PRINT___________________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE:____________________________________________________________DATE:  ________________

Address:________________________________________________________________PHONE:  ________________

Signature of seller:________________________________________________________DATE:  _________________


Anchorage, Alaska