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Arwen Whippets photo archives..

Here are photos of our whippets & friends in various modes of being whippets.  You can get a feel of what whippets are really like as these photos speak a thousand words....and get to know a little about us as well.

"SUPER B'S" Brook and Bob ( Palmer, AK ) June 2004


Do I Look Like A Potato To You?

Playing Crack the Whippet...

One of my other Hobbies!!

Up on the house top...

My Jack Russel Terrier TKO's last litter 2000 (&ME)

Stop and Smell the Flowers (JRT puppy 1999)

The Spice Of Life...London 2004

What a gang!!! Our wedding party!

Puppy girls Morgan, Lexi and Diva 10 months (2005)

Maddison with Lexie, Dylan and Morgan at Mt Denali , Alaska

Dazzle and Beckham (18 wks)

Arwen Glitter Galaxy (Beckham) 18 wks

Me in Paradise..Akmaul, Mexico

Arwen Whippets (Our Home) Anchorage, AK

My friend Renske's bouvier Sil. Kenai, Alaska

Sobresalto Whippets. Milan, Italy

Italian dog (left) Sobresalto Kennels Napoli, Italy

Arwen Fleur De Lis (7/2005 - 2/2006) RIP

Arwen In Your Dreams (Lexi) 6 months old

Emma Dock Diving/ Cave Creek, AZ 2014